Thursday, March 28, 2013

SEW Good!

I haven't posted an entry to this blog in almost two years!  But, I recently received a comment that someone had found it on StumbleUpon and it made me decide to start it back up again.  Though I've not been writing about books, I've sure been reading them!

In the last two years, my favorite book has absolutely been The Time In Between, by Maria Duenas.  I've read this book twice in the past year, and given copies to my mother and husband.

It's such an interesting story and a fascinating read.  The story is that of a young woman, Sira, who grew up as a seamstress.  As her life takes on new twists and turns, she continues to sew for interesting people at a pivotal time in history.

Sounds pretty basic, right?  Oh, trust me, this story is the exact opposite of basic!  Even on my second reading, I found myself staying up late at night because I had to know what happened next (even though I already knew!)  Sira, a Madrid native, traverses the world of Morocco in the 1920s, she interacts with powerful people in the Franco regime during the Spanish Civil War, and she immerses herself in a world of mystery as the Franco dictatorship takes control.  Her life is fascinating and exciting and I lived very much vicariously through her on every page.  (And, no, not JUST because I can hardly sew a button...)

It's hard for me to write this post because I love this story SO much that I want to talk about every bit of it.  I want to share with you how confused Sira and I were when she awoke in the hospital.  I want to describe the clicking of the typewriter keys I heard as she browsed in the store that would change her life.  I want to shake out the smoke from my clothes after Sira goes to visit the Commissioner in the police station.

Duenas is an exceptional writer and storyteller and I don't want to give away any of her story.  So, instead, I'll just beg you to read it yourself and then email me so we can discuss!  It is just SEW good!

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